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Welcome to Direct Credit, your trusted financial ally, dedicated to empowering businesses with seamless financial solutions. Our mission is to simplify your financial journey and help you thrive.

We understand the challenges businesses face when accessing the right financial support. That's where Direct Credit comes in – offering tailored financial services and expert guidance to meet your specific needs.

What sets us apart is our commitment to personalized service and exceeding your expectations. Our team of seasoned professionals is here to understand your unique requirements and provide comprehensive solutions.

Partnering with leading institutions, we offer access to a wide range of financial options, ensuring informed decisions for your business goals. Our core values of integrity, transparency, and excellence drive our success.

Welcome to Direct Credit – Your Path to Financial Excellence. Let's unlock your business's full potential together.

  • Consult the Experts over Phone or Zoom & Get instant solutions to your credit needs
  • Enjoy convenience with our instant online work processes
  • Customized and flexible loan inclusions
  • 24x7 Telephone assistance by experts
  • Professional support in the form of door-step services & documentation

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Our power of choice is untrammelled and when nothing prevents being able to do what we like best every pleasure.


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Mr. Yogendra Kumar

Co-Founder and Head

Direct Credit takes pride in introducing Mr. Yogendra Kumar, our esteemed Co-founder and Head of Credit, whose wealth of experience brings a superb understanding of Balance sheets and an innovative approach to preparing and projecting Loan cases. His invaluable contributions have been the backbone of our remarkable success.

At Direct Credit, we lead the way in addressing intricate and challenging proposals, facilitating Loans and Limits of up to 1000 Cr. Since our establishment in 2011, our commitment to providing unparalleled financial solutions, coupled with the lowest interest rates and highest LTV, has earned the trust and satisfaction of numerous businesses and individuals.

With over 1000+ enterprises and individuals benefiting from our expertise, Direct Credit has become synonymous with reliability and success. Our seasoned experts adeptly navigate the intricate landscape of banking schemes, presenting the most fitting options from prestigious PSU banks, Government Institutions, Private banks, and NBFCs.

Benefiting from Mr. Yogendra Kumar's extensive network and strong alliances with premier financial institutions, Direct Credit executes the lending process with unparalleled swiftness and efficiency. His astute guidance ensures that we identify the perfect financial fit for your unique needs, effortlessly maneuvering the complex realm of banking solutions.

At Direct Credit, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. Join us on this extraordinary journey and experience our distinctive expertise and personalized service that sets us apart.

Together, let us chart a course towards unparalleled financial prosperity, unlocking a realm of limitless possibilities that transcend imagination.

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